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Fair Hills Lane cul-de-sac



There is that The Southampton Trails Preservation Society (STPS) cut a new access trail from the Fair Hills Lane cul-de-sac.  The trail is marked with plastic black owl blazes.  Travel east through Water Mill on Montauk Highway; take Scuttle Hole Road 3 miles to Brick Kiln Road; make a left.  After a short distance, make a left onto Bridge Hill Lane, park by the curb a considerate distance from the corner and driveway entrances.  There is no sign indicating that this is parking for the trailhead located on the other side of Brick Kiln Road.  We crossed the road to the opening of the trail immediately south of a highway “arrow” sign.  There is room on the road shoulder for a couple of cars to park by the sign.  The trail is marked with red owl blazes.  We wound our way through dense laurel woods, thick duff cushioning our step, careful to avoid knobby roots.  A short distance after a right turn blaze on the red trail, we found the freshly cut black owl trail that leads to the Fair Hills Lane cul-de-sac.  The aggressive roots and dense laurel canopy along the trail prevent brush or grass from growing.  A good way to guess which trails have recently been cut is to look at the EHTPS hike schedule; the trail crew tries to attend to trails before leading hikes on them.

The beautiful wetlands off to the left is the “Great Swamp.”  Straight berms along the trail had been dug by the settlers to mark land boundaries and contain cattle. Here you pass a large tree that was loped, to act as a boundary marker.  When you come out to Fair Hills Lane, you can walk the 0.4-mile down Fair Hills Lane to Brick Kiln, and then the short distance north to the parked cars on Bridge Hill Lane.


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